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OK, so let's which are presented in philatelic object in a hierarchical way  
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• use data of the  astrothesaurus2, as defined here:
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Action ENTRY #found MEMO, Attributes and References
  Catalog Selection of Astronomical Catalogues for object displayed on stamps
  Events Astronomical Events, e.g. eclipses, transits etc.
  Observation Astronomical Observation, Telescopes, Observatories etc.
  People Astronomers, People doing astronomical Research
  Research Astronomical Research, Congresses, Institutes, Societies etc.
  Universe All Astronomical Objects grouped by spatial relationships
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• the used hierarchical structure of themes is resulting from a mainly practical approach how to classify stamps
• a more scientific approach as a general astrothesaurus can be found,at, look HERE
• a very charming approach is the classification in only 3 topics as OBSERVABLES / OBSERVERS / OBSERVATION, look HERE
• any member of a hierarchical level is member of the element(s) above (e.g. Mars is member of Planet, Planet is member of SolarSystem etc.)
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